Accepted (2006)

In this episode, presented by we finally #Accepted that #justinLong is here to stay. This was a film from 2006 that slipped under the radar but became a little known cult favourite. This was directed by #StevePink (same fellow who brought us #HotTubTimeMachine) and co-stars #JonahHill, #BlakeLively (#GossipGirl), #MariaThayer (#TammyLittlenut from #StrangersWithCandy, as well as #LewisBlack, and one of our favourite up and comers #RobinLordTaylor (#ThePenguin from #Gotham).

This is the story of a kid who was rejected from his choice of universities and decided to start up his own college. While this sounds silly on the surface, we examine the real life learning institutes that started similar programs, the achievements of Justin Long, we play a brief game of six degrees of Justin Long, we even briefly discuss the #Bollywood Remake. That’s right, this little film that could inspired Bollywood and real life educational institutions. 

There is quite a lot more to this film than it has been given credit for. We hope you enjoy it, and we’d love to hear from you @sgspod, you can also find us on Facebook with a brief search. 




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