Don Bluth’s Titan A.E.

In this episode we discuss the final #DonBluth film, #TitanAE, cowritten by #JossWhedon, and starring the vocal talents of #MattDamon, #DrewBarrymore, #BillPullman, #NathanLane, #RosieODonnell and one of our favourites #JohnLeguizamo.



This is a hard to find film that is out of print in Australia, but has become a cult favourite amongst #Firefly and #Serenity fans for its connections to #JossWhedon and also to animation fans for transcending Cell to CGI animation and utilising #2D and #3Danimation from Industrial Light and Magic. While we had mixed responses to the film, as two of our podcasters loved it, and two were indifferent, but the level of work did not go under appreciated. 

The topics we cover include the changeover from 2D to 3D, the end of Don Bluth’s career, the rise of Joss Whedon, how much credit does Joss Whedon really deserve, and last but not least, we examine the merits of the film; from story to structure, to voicework, and whether or not the film condones genocide. 

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