Coffee Town + More details on our awesome giveaway

In this episode that pulled from our stash of banked up episodes we would to present to you a little seen film known as @CoffeeTown. This is a film produced by and made for @CollegeHumour, this was written and directed by Brad Copeland, who was one of the head writers on #ArrestedDevelopment and stars @GlennHowerton of #It’sAlwaysSunny in Philadelphia, @SteveLittle of Eastbound and Down (@KennyPowers), Ben Schwartz and Josh Groban and Jake Johnson, these are some of the best comedic actors currently working on cable and network tv. Therefore this film is a not what you’d expect from a film produced for a website.

We also added in a few details about our upcoming giveaway, if you want to be in the runnning write us a quick review at  iTunes or Stitcher if you are an android user, or you hate Apple and want to piss on Steve Jobs grave. 

We also throw in a little preview of an upcoming @Cinemaniacs screening of #Orca


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