Australia Day Special: Young Einstein/The Dish/Romper Stomper/Not Quite Hollywood

In this episode, that we recorded right after our first recording of 2015 (Will Be Up shortly), we discuss our favourite Australian Films and why they are of cultural significance.


Wayne’s preferred Australian film was Young Einstein, the SGS team thought he was nuts for claiming there was educational value in the film but Wayne argued that it serves as a good and memorable introduction to the greatest minds of the early 20th century, but his favourite scene was the kitten pie.

Regular Justin’s choice Australian film was Romper Stomper as this film shows a darker side to Australian culture and introduced the world to Russell Crowe.

Darkest-Timeline Justin, on the other hand suggests that one of the most important films is Not Quite Hollywood as the film is both entertaining and informative, while providing a concise introduction to a forgotten era of Australian film making.

Michelle’s go to Australian Film was The Dish, written and directed by Rob Sitch and co written by Santo Cilauro, Jane Kennedy and Tom Gleisner. This was the most contemporary of our choices, and while we referenced The Castle, The Dish was her preferred film due to the historiography of the story and that Sitch and co tell a story which was not as well known as it should have been.

We, at the Soylent GreenScreen Podcast hope you had a great Australia Day, and we’d love to know what some of your favourite Australian films are.




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