Star Wars Day!

May 4th be with you!

One good thing about May 4th falling on a weekend is that you can spend you weekend nerding out to Star Wars.

Michelle had the challenge over the weekend to get Regular Justin to sit and watch all 6 movies, of course starting with Star Wars IV A new Hope.

This is one of Michelle’s favourite Star Wars movies, “I like the storyline, and the innocence of Luke in it this. He’s just a kid with big dreams of becoming a fighter pilot like all of his friends. When tragic happens to him, he dreams become reality, and starts living his life he wanted to”

Wayne came over to watch the prequels. This is the episodes that cause conflict between fans.

After, Michelle and Wayne talking about the prequels they found a new appreciation towards the movies, finding an understanding why Anakin turn to the dark side, discovering the use of color in the films and seeing them these film in another point of view. Once you have remove the negative comments from the fans of Star Wars and watch the movie in George Lacus’ perspective you come to get an understanding how Anakin become Darth Vader.

PS: and yes we all agreed that Jar Jar Binks is the most annoying character to be created.

PPS: Regular Justin sat through all 6 movies.


Small taste of Michelle’s Star Wars collection in her house. Plus all the movies we are going to watch.



Michelle with her Star Wars movie watching buddies… Her Wookie and her Cat.



Bracing our selves!


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